Performance Series

Excellence Redefined

Explore the Performance Series, where F1's heart roars to life in the form of re-engineered Engine Cover & Exhaust Tables. Crafted from the very essence of racing machines, each table captures the spirit of speed and precision.

Elegance Meets Horsepower

Introducing the Performance Series: Engine Cover & Exhaust Tables that fuse aesthetics with F1's raw power. These tables bear witness to the untamed spirit of the track, offering an exceptional blend of artistry and engineering.

Heritage in Motion

Step into the realm of the Performance Series, where Engine Cover & Exhaust Tables embody the legacy of racing. Each piece carries the mark of F1 history, bringing the allure of the racetrack into your living space with an unmatched blend of design and authenticity.

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McLaren F1 Team 2019 Engine Cover TableMcLaren F1 Team 2019 Engine Cover Table